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CBSE Class 11 Exam Preparation

cbse online coaching Choosing the right stream after 10th is a crucial task for every student life. The stream that a student chooses after 10th plays a huge role in determining his/her career path. CBSE Class 11 is considered as one of the most crucial stages in a student’s life. Many students tend not to take CBSE Class 11 seriously until it is late. Students who want to score good marks in their Class 12 CBSE Board Examination must not take Class 11 lightly. Students must learn to understand the concepts of subjects and apply them in the provided situation. This will improve their logical thinking as well as their analytical skills. In below article, we have tried to give brief understanding about the importance of cbse class 11 for class 12 board exam.

CBSE Class 11th Stream Wise Subject List

CBSE Class 11th Commerce Subjects:

Commerce as a course of education can be interpreted as a study of business and trade pursuits such as the exchange of goods and services from the producer to the final customer. Commerce is the field of study in which students who are interested in business, financial information/transactions, trading of economic values, merchandising and trading. Commerce act as trading conduct for economic agents.

CBSE Class 11th Humanities/Arts  Subjects:

Students have to rot some facts, events, timeline & names etc. But overall, History, Geography, Economics & Polity subjects also require the understanding of topics.

CBSE Class 11th Science Subjects:

CBSE Class 11 Science (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology) are quite different from what you have studied in your CBSE Class 10. The difference in the level of difficulty is vast. Not only scores of new chapters, concepts, and topics are added in Class 11 syllabus, but also every concept and topic is much more detailed. This means in order to score well, one needs to have a deeper knowledge. Sometime students have to rot some facts & names etc. But overall, these subjects also require conceptual understanding and logical thinking of students of given topics.

English & Hindi (language subjects): Practice the art of reading, speaking and writing. Expose yourself to English speaking situations and try to assimilate the information you receive. Develop good reading practice by reading novels, newspapers, books, etc. The best way to improve writing is to try and think in the language itself.

cbse online coaching

cbse online coaching