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What is National Olympiad Exams?

cbse online coaching Olympiads are the school-level competitive examinations focused on the school syllabus or curriculum. Numerous independent organizations (private and governmental organizations) conduct these exams at the national level, international level, and zonal level, which give exposure to school students in this competitive world. Olympiads are one of the best competitive exams to be held at both the national and international level. So, there are two type Olympiads - National Olympiad and international Olympiad for students.

Both national & international Olympiad exams are conducted for a variety of topics including science (physics, chemistry, and biology), mathematics, junior science, astronomy, computer, general knowledge, and language examinations. Students are awarded scholarships, cash prizes, medals, certificates, and recognition and even exposure at the zonal, national, and international levels. It also allows the students space to do research and prepare themselves for a brighter future in their area of interest.

National Level Olympiads are conducted within the boundary of the India. National Level Olympiads are conducted by various NGOs and institutions like SOF, TERI, Unified Council, etc. In all these Olympiads, the registration is through school authorities.

National Olympiad Exams List

The primary objective of Olympiad exams is to develop students ' intellectual skills, analytical skills, and reasoning skills. These Olympiad exams together with the Aptitude test are a combination of subject knowledge. The list of various Olympiad exams in India is listed below:


Name of the Exam





NTSE (National Talent Search Exam)

10th class students

Science, Maths, Social, Mental ability

National Talent Search Exam


KYPY (Kishor Vygnanika Proshaah Yogena)

Inter (MPC/BIPC)

Inter syllabus

Kishor Vygnanika Proshaah Yogena


HBBVS (Dr. Homi Baba bala vidyanic spertha)

6 TO 9TH class students

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

Dr. Homi Baba bala vidyanic spertha


NSO (National Science Olympiad)

1 to 12th class students

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

National Science Olympiad


NCO (National Cyber Olympiad)

1 to 12th class

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

National Cyber Olympiad


UCO (Unified Cyber Olympiad)

8 to 12 th class students

Mental ability, Reasoning, Computer skills

Unified Cyber Olympiad


NSTSE (National level Science Talent search Exam)

1 to 12th class students

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

National level Science Talent search Exam


IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)

1 to 12th class students

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

International Mathematics Olympiad


NSEIS (National Standard Exam in Junior Science)

1 to 10th class students

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

National Standard Exam in Junior Science


RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad)


CBSE Syllabus

Regional Mathematics Olympiad


IOEL (International Olympiad of English Language)

1 to 12th class students

CBSE/ICSE Syllabus

International Olympiad of English Language


India Computing Olympiad

8 to 12th class students

CBSE Syllabus

India Computing Olympiad


IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics)

1 to 8th class students


International Olympiad in Informatics


NIMO (National Interactive Mathematics Olympiad)

5 to 12th class students

Maths, Science, Mental Ability

National Interactive Mathematics Olympiad


NBTO (National Bio-Technology Olympiad)

5 to 12th class students


National Bio-Technology Olympiad


IGO (Indian Geography Olympiad)

2 to 12th class students

CBSE Syllabus

Indian Geography Olympiad


KO (Knowledge Olympiad)

2 to 12th class students


Knowledge Olympiad

Importance of Olympiad Exams

How to Prepare for the National Olympiad Exams?

Most of the national olympiad exams are conducted on the common syllabus that the school taught. There is no need for additional reference books to prepare these olympiad exams Students only need to be sure about all the fundamentals and definitions. In the Olympiad exams the questions asked are quite different from what the school's children learn. Questions are more tricky and logical, allowing students to have a wide-ranging thinking process to address the variety of logic and concept-based issues. We at RankersBuzz inspire students to search for a better and deeper understanding of scientific facts in order to improve their ability to reason, analyze and solve problems.

cbse online coaching

cbse online coaching