ssb interview tips

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SSB Interview Tips

nda online coachingSSB Interview is very important stage in selection process of officers in Indian Armed Forces. In some types of Entry Scheme like CDS & NDA, SSB Interview is conducted after getting result in written exam & some other types of entry scheme like Technical Entry Scheme after 12th & Technical Graduate Course Entry / SSC Tech Entry after graduation, SSB Interview is conducted directly on the basis of marks percentage.

So whether you are coming after written result or directly thru any entry scheme you have to clear all stages of ssb interview. For more details & to know all stages of it visit SSB Interview page.

Now come to the some facts which you must consider before appearing in SSB Interview. As you know that this is not a typical or simple interview. It is most difficult, different & one of the unique types of interviews; conducted for the selection of officers in Indian Army, Navy & Air Force. So below we are mentioning 12 key points & SSB Interview Tips, you have to take of them.

  1. Mentally & Physically Sound – First thing first is that you must be mentally & physically fit & fine. In SSB Interview, the assessors check every aspects of your mental & physical fitness.
  2. Be Honest – Honesty is the key factor among all merits you possess. During whole interview, you must answer all the questions with honestly. If you don’t know any of the answers, then you shouldn’t try to give wrong answer.
  3. English – English is the main language of communication used in SSB Interview. Besides speaking in English, you must be well verse in English Listening, Writing & Reading.
  4. Confidence – Confidence is something like the fuel which needs to fly a plane. You need to possess high level of motivation & confidence within you. You must answer & perform the tasks with confidence.
  5. Proper eye-contact – Many of the candidates are very shy & hesitate in talking with new person or senior person. Being defence aspirants when you perform group task, especially in interview session, you must keep a proper eye-contact with the assessor & interviewers.
  6. Visualisation – For the position of officers, you have to think & consider the forth-coming situation. Therefore SSB assessor & interviewers test the visualisation & scenario understanding capacity.
  7. Be Responsible & Team Player – Being an officer, you must be a team player, possess the quality of team leader & a responsible guy. So during interview, interviewers check your behaviour with other candidates also.
  8. Be Accurate & Scientific – Information is full of facts & fictions, so when you talk or answer, you must be logical, rational & your statement must be based on the scientific facts. So you must work to develop accuracy higher.
  9. Thinking Approach & Reaction Time – Your thinking reflects in your statements & actions. Your reaction time & method are very important assets. Also you must have a positive approach to your thoughts & actions.
  10. General Awareness – On going national & international news which are making headlines & defence related deals, exercise & social issues of last 6 months are very important you should study before landing in SSB Interview.
  11. Be Social – Some people are introvert & some are talkative. These both types of people can face problem in SSB Interview. You must be proportional & balance in speaking with new people. Here the social means caring, sharing & friendly.
  12. Know SSB Procedure – Before appearing in SSB Interview, you should go thru all of its day wise sessions, activities & interview process. If you wish you can take SSB Interview sessions from any institution.